Pengganti Alt + Tab

Bagi anda yang sudah terbiasa menggunakan sistem operasi windows tentu sudah terbiasa menggunakan kombinasi keyboard Alt + Tab untuk mempercepat memilih aplikasi yang sedang aktif.

Berikut ini aplikasi yang bisa anda gunakan sebagai alternatif pengganti Alt + Tab, aplikasi besutan Nymithium Technologies ini diberi nama Alt-Tab Thingy.

Aplikasi ini mempunyai feature :

Use the cursor keys to make your selection
Use the mouse & mouse-wheel as well as the keyboard
System tray icon
Drag and Resize windows by clicking anywhere on the window
Window preview
Can be disabled (handy for games players)
Settings window for enabling/disabling features
Informative tooltips
Ghost windows!
Auto Off feature (user controlled variable timer)
Allows minimizing of windows to the system tray
Monitors windows for change of caption/z-order/deadtray icons etc…
Display resolution selector -easily change your desktop resolution in 1 click.
Icon/List view
Variable preview size
Mouse wheel support
Automatically minimizes or closes Explorer windows
Blacklist feature removes apps from the task preview (right-click on them to enable)
Access ATT with an alternate “Alt+Key” combination, without altering the standard Windows Alt-Tab function (use both at the same time!)
Taskbar Previews – When you hover the mouse over a taskbar, you will see previews for open windows above the taskbar.

download Aplikasinya disini

selamat mencoba..


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